When it comes to Airport Operational Readiness, Great starts lead to great finishes.

Citiri gives AOR and ORAT Teams great starts. We simplify, accelerate and bring predictability to operational readiness programs.




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Customer Spotlight: LAX


Los Angeles World Airports (LAWA) is in the midst of $14 billion in capital improvements to LAX. When LAWA set out to implement airport operational readiness, they turned to Citiri, the industry standard for airports.

Customer Spotlight: SEA

The Port of Seattle and Seattle Tacoma International Airport are undertaking a $697M modernization of the North Satellite Terminal.  The Port of Seattle chose Citiri to supercharge their ORAT program to help the team ensure safe successful openings of each of the project’s phases. 

Challenges of Airport Operational Readiness

Airports have always been complex environments. Now, as the sophistication of airport systems and technology has increased, it has become even more challenging to open newly constructed and remodeled facilities. The result is that AOR/ORAT teams have been given a “heavy-lift” to ensure the safe and successful opening of new facilities.

Traditionally, this means teams are hamstrung by limitations of spreadsheets, static systems and generic project management tools – putting all of their hard work and the airport’s success at risk of failure.

Citiri is software designed specifically to simplify and optimize the work of airport operational readiness teams. We consolidate your ORAT program onto a single, integrated and collaborative software platform. Citiri gives customers peace-of-mind and helps eliminate unpleasant opening-day surprises.

Centralized. Integrated. Collaborative. Mobile. Intelligent.

Take Control of Your ORAT Program

Manual processes inherently delay the collection, processing and distribution of information, leading to poorly-timed decisions being made on outdated or bad information. Citiri automates and digitalizes the most time consuming elements of the ORAT team’s jobs freeing-up hundreds of valuable hours each month that can be spent on your ORAT program’s most critical work activities.

One Software Application for the Entire Team

Planning & Preparation

Align with certification & construction milestones. Plan work activities  and protocols. Develop CONOPS and plans for procedures, communications, familiarization, training, trials, and more.

Coordination & Execution

Manage your work in a single location. Keep activities for facilities, information flows, systems and people moving along smoothly. Provide stakeholders with an easy way to interface and engage.

Progress Tracking & Reporting

Monitor progress from your phone and compile executive status reports in minutes instead of days. Are your executives and stakeholders visual? Give them access to real-time Dashboards.

 Doing ORAT Well Doesn’t Have to Be Challenging.

Citiri is built specifically for the needs of ORAT teams so you never have to worry about missing critical elements of opening your facility successfully. Our software is cloud-based so there is nothing to install and you can be up and running in no time. Citiri integrates with leading project management, asset management, accounting and facility management software to automate data capture, provide 360° views and create seamless handovers. 

"We are relentless optimizers. Our software is built to simplify the complexities of ORAT so airports can have confidence in opening day success."

– Ortez Gude, CEO

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